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A new anti-ageing territory…

The brand’s origins can be traced back to South Africa in the gorgeous steppes of the Cape Town region. This wild territory, bursting with botanical active ingredients, was the main inspiration for the brand’s first exceptional treatment: Pure Pulp Neo…

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Pure pulp neo

Ready to regain a lovely skin in 60 seconds?
Pure Pulp Neo is the perfect solution for all skin types craving for youth and freshness!

Beauty restorative gel

Your new daily care

Produit Pure Pulp Neo
Artwork Pure Pulp
Artwork produits Eye Magic
Soin Contour des Yeux Antirides Eye Magic

Eye magic

Feeling tired, lacking sleep? Enhance your eyes with Eye Magic! The magic brushstroke sweeping away your expression lines and strengthening your eyelids

A powerful formula for a youthful look

Your anti-wrinkle brush

Produits velds

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