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Age Commando

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Elite care

Gamme produits Age Commando
Artwork soins antirides Age Commando

High-tech “smart” skincare products that instantly enhance your skin’s beauty and preserve your skin’s youthful appearance by simultaneously targeting both endogenous and exogenous factors in ageing.

Ultimate anti-ageing balm

baume soin antirides age commando

The natural power of organic vegetable waxes replaces the artifice of silicones in instantly filling and beautifying the skin.

The elite care with a unique texture, for a restructured, stronger, and clearly more beautiful skin.

Intense black mask

Masque noir Vsage Anti-pollution Age Commando

The urban anti-pollution weapon absorbing all the surrounding polluting agents and strengthening the natural defense mechanisms of our cells Its primary mission is to prevent harmful particles from penetrating skin tissues, reduce oxidative stress and inflammatory phenomena causing multiple signs of skin ageing, thus ensuring a healthy-looking and beautiful skin


Volumateur Lèvres Age Commando Veld's

Are your lips dry, thin or losing volume? Did you notice wrinkles around your mouth and nasolabial folds? The mouth is the main beauty asset of the face, but also the area most vulnerable to ageing. For the first time, a treatment offering a new and innovative action on the overall youthfulness of the smile.

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