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Age Killer

Texte Gamme Age Killer Veld's

Anti-ageing firmness

Gamme produits Age Killer
Artwork soins anti-age Age Killer

For the first time, the action on elastin, combined with an action on the main collagen isotypes of the skin, results in new efficacies on the face’s elasticity, firmness, tone, and lift

Formulas combining an in-depth action on cellular mechanisms with instant beauty results.


crème anti-âge lift fermeté age-killer

Its stretch-lift texture, such as a silk stocking, becomes a real “mesh network” when applied, helping to restructure the face and offering a spectacular beauty result. The feeling of support, highly noticeable on the skin, acts on the firmness of the face. LIFT – FIRM & GO !

Lifting Serum

Sérum Visage Liftant Anti-âge Age Killer

Extreme firming and anti-ageing concentrate

A surgical strike against time. The skin absorbs the sap, concentrated with energizing and firming active ingredients, in absolute comfort.

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