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Clean Clean Clean

Texte collection Clean Veld's

Clean skin care ritual

Gamme Produits Clean
Artwork soins nettoyants visage Clean

Mix CLEAN POWDER with WATER for a cleansing action
CLEAN EVOLUTIVE OIL for a cleansing action

Combine CLEAN POWDER and CLEAN EVOLUTIVE OIL for a resurfacing and exfoliating effect

A patented cleansing concept offering all the combined anti-ageing benefits of Kalahari salt powder and evolutive oil with essential fatty acids

Cleansing powder

Poudre nettoyante action enzymatique

Fine cleansing/foaming powder with an enzyme activity, with grains only melt in water and not in oil

Evolutive oil

Huile démaquillante

Evolutive oil with high make-up removal capacity turning a basic gesture into a daily anti-ageing treatment

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