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deep moisture

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Whatever your age, skin type, living environment, moisturizing is the first step in preserving the skin’s youthfulness

The 3 dimensions of skin hydration

1. Lipid dimension

These are epidermal lipids. Their quality and quantity are essential to the skin’s barrier function

2. Water dimension

The diffusion of water from the deep layers of the epidermis for immediate and long-lasting absorption. The skin needs water to function, and this depends on the ability to absorb and fix the water in its different matrices

3. Osmotic dimension

The skin’s natural ability to produce and diffuse water into the skin’s tissues

Crème visage hydratante Age 2o

Active water barrier. Redefine deep hydration for your skin! A source of powerful anti-ageing.

Serum hydratant Age 2o

Active water source. A real moisturizing concentrate with an opalescent fluid texture that immediately and lastingly melts on the skin and quenches its thirst.

Masque anti-âge hydratant

Moisturizing bath. An original texture that “splits in half” during application. Use on wet skin.

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